Meticulous Maker of Manufactured Whimsy.

Hi! You may have met me at RAW!
As I was writing this, I was just putting the finishing
touches on things for my exhibition at the Brisbane RAW April Showcase: Spectrum. Likelihood is that you’ve come
to the site from a business card I’ve given you that night -
but the site is still undergoing a major re-design. Within a few days, the site will have somewhat of an overhaul to include essential things like… you know… a portfolio! In
the meantime, please check out my Facebook artist page
for regular updates, instagram for snippets of my life, and Tumblr to see some of my inspiration!
Bunnies Unbound
My current project is Bunnies Unbound - a photographic exploration into everyday people who happen to love rope. New photosets are released weekly on the website, with a bonus sub-series photo released each Thursday on my Facebook artist page.

Kat Johnston (that’s me!) is a Brisbane-based artist, located in Queensland, Australia. She has a strong sense of whimsy, an appreciation for the ridiculous, and a love of the meticulous. With a wide-ranging practice encompassing everything from craft and art to illustration and digital design, Kat hopes to make a real difference to the world in the name of her art. Oh… and she’s also looking for a job to support her art career, so… if you know of anything going, let her know!