Monthly Archives: May 2008

Just a Girl.

This girl came to me whilst randomly sketching today… watching a friend of mine work on some landscaping, listening to miss Oprah herself needing to be slowly stepped through how to tie a scarf…

This particular image is just a tiny one – about an inch square, drawn in the bottom right hand corner of […]

Gumdrops and Arsenic.

Random Asian candy is a delight if you have an experimental streak – you are as likely to end up with something that tastes absolutely horrendous as you are to get something simply exquisite. This little snippet is bought to you by the bag of random Asian candy that is currently sitting beside me […]


Untameable… that is the title for this one. Though how honestly true it is, who is to know? This pretty kitty likes to make it look as if she’s all tough and independant… but is she really as wild as she likes to make out? Methinks perhaps not.

A cat learns to protect herself with […]

Bunny in the Moon.

My little dead bunny in the moon. A rough pencil sketch, then traced in black ink pen, coloured then in photoshop because I had nothing incredibly much better to do. Yay for my dead bunny!

I will state that after the fact, I thought that it would be a good idea to give the bunny […]


This lovely little lady is miss Lucy. Lucy is a hair-doll. She has been created with the discarded strands of hair that part from my tresses as they are dutifully washed, cleansed and made all nice, shiny and presentable for the world. The least I can do for those brave strands of hair that […]