\'Triumphant Warrior\' by Kat Johnston

My first post of this magnificent blog. Who ever thought that I would take this step? I never thought I would. However, there is no time like the present to move along with things and show the world what I do, even if it is silly little sketches in a lecture notebook.

I meant to wait to do this, until I had mastered doing my own themes for WordPress. Or perhaps I was more waiting for that perfect moment when I had a good body of work behind me: things that I could be proud of showing off to the world in a portfolio that was comprehensive and impressive. Instead, I’m going with the ‘no time like the present’ mentality and just getting on with it. Even if no-one ever peeks into this blog, at least it is something that might get me consistantly creating, even on those silly days when I hardly pick up a pen.

So… the very first piece is the one pictured above. Ballpoint pen, lined lecture note-pad and little more than a line of text from a digital story script – my little triumphant warrior was born. Mayhaps he was not the one to slaughter these impressive foes that lay beneath him, but he will certainly take the credit for the feat… so long as there is no-one else more worthy of the claim around to dispute it.