\'Little Flower\' by Kat Johnston

Awww… here is the sketch for today. Exciting, huh? Now, when you think about it, that is one really really small flower when you take into account the relative sizes of things – even if you consider that that roughly drawn swiss may be from a rather large round of cheese. Perhaps it is not really a flower. Perhaps it is one little spear from the head of a wayward dandelion clock having struck 13:02 for some rosey-faced child out to find the time in a far more organic manner than can be obtained from looking at their digital watch. I suppose it is really irrelevant either way, but still something to muse over nonetheless.

For your interest, just in case you can’t actually tell… this sketch and the one previous are not all that large. The rose in the previous post might be about three inches by three inches… this one is probably about the same. Just in case size -does- matter *grin*.