Time to actually do some painting… something that I have somewhat neglected recently, until my loving husband and turned around to give me a bit of a gentle nudge in the ‘I want to see you painting again’ direction. So here starts a new piece… I know that there are many that I should go back and actually finish… some of which I actually -want- to finish… but, they are just going to have to wait for the moment as I re-hone my skills once more on this wonderful little rattie.

Not really all that much to see yet – white pencil on black canvas, at this point… I’ve come to realize that I am rather loving starting to work from a black base, and building up from there… the canvas is actually a fair amount larger than the tiny snippet you see there, but this is the most detailed section sketched out at this point… so you get to see this portion!

More to come when there is more done. That’s all for today!