\'Envelope\' by Kat Johnston

Ok, again I apologize… way too much time between postings for what was meant to be a ‘one a day’ type thing. That said, day to day life can get a litte bothersome!

Today, I watched Stardust… I’ve read the book – I did a long time ago, have many times and when the movie came out, I read it again… but it has taken until now for me to actually get it out on dvd and watch the damn thing. As with most ‘book to movie’ transitions, I found it easiest to sit back and just pretend that I hadn’t read the book at all. Just makes the experience oh so much nicer *grin*.

Anyhow, how does that fit in to the grand big scheme of things? It doesn’t, really… save for the fact that I did these scribbles after watching that movie. For what it is worth, I am terrified of profile faces… um… drawing them, it is… otherwise that really would be an interesting phobia to add to the growing list of phobias that currently exist. Anyhow… this is the random sketching for today: now lets see if I can remain motivated enough to give you something to look at tomorrow! (sisters arrive, yay!)