Having lectures in the evenings makes the day seem very long – work on classwork and other such things during the day, all whilst keeping an eye on the clock for it to tick over to that time that you have to get going… sit down at 5pm and somehow have your brain struggle through the process of absorbing information and theories for three hours, come home, find something to eat, and then go ‘damn… What am I going to do for that assignment? Do I actually remember a word they said in class?’. The day is very long, when there is a class in the evening.

I guess I broke my habit, the one that has been forming recently of drawing faces without faces during my classes. This was the first image drawn of the evening (the second being the picture in the previous post, the others I won’t bother throwing up), drawn during my marketing tutorial – and what a face she has indeed. I am in love with the girl… probably because of the fact that she looks how I was feeling right then and there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind class, it is just something that one doesn’t necessarily want to deal with as the day draws to a close – when you wish you could be at home, greeting your husband as he walks in the door, pouncing on him, and making him snuggle you for a few hours… with some dinner thrown in there at some point too.

Today is set to be another long day… I have a class on media writing tonight, but luckily that only goes until 7pm, rather than the 8pm finish of my other two classes.

The girl’s name, by the way, is Alison. She’s somewhat disenchanted, wry, has a cutting wit and a perchant towards sarcasm. She has an excellent sense of humour and a fondness for cheese. Particularly cheese with a bit of a bite to it. Although she might come across as a bit of a pessimist, she considers herself a realist. Whilst people generally only see the slightly more negative outlook, she has a far brighter opinion on life than most generally suspect. People often judge quickly, but with her, that is a mistake. It takes a while to get to know this one, because she isn’t going to make it easy for you or lay everything out from the start.

She believes that she is smarter than most people – experience has taught her that she’s actually probably right. She finds that a rather scary thought indeed. She’s one of those girls that people think are ‘mature for their age’, but she’s happy to admit that she doesn’t know it all… at least to herself, if not to anyone else.

She has a cat called Chester.