Some little sketches I did last night during my media writing class – which was incredibly fun, if you want my honest opinion! I must admit, when I signed up to a class called ‘media writing’, I was expecting to write press releases… not create storylines for shows and films… including such fun things as magicians murdering a taxidermiest as part of his show in an act of revenge because the hapless man shot and stuffed the magician’s prize bear Bobo when he broke free and went ambling about in the woods… how’s that for a run-on sentence? In any case… there was quite some fun to be had. I want credit if CSI or Law and Order turns that into an episode, by the way!

Ok, onto something about the actual sketch… just playing with portraits again – they’re sisters of chance, drawn together only by the fact that they all happen to have been created on the same little snippet of paper. Despite the little problems, and errors, and such (that often occur when you are drawing something completely in a medium that can’t be erased… and has a tendency to leak just when you don’t want it to) I don’t mind these little girlies. I’ve decided that they do just have to have long necks… its the way it is. So I have spoken, and thus it shall be done! *laughs*