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The line up the top of this one actually has nothing to do with this actual little sketch… it was two incredibly different thoughts on the same page. These two came about because I saw an interesting crease in one of the business shirts hanging to dry – this was drawn on a corner of my page soon after. Just for fun, I’ve included the other picture after the cut.


Ghosts are people too… just dead ones.

Pacman got a mistress. There was Mrs Pacman. Complete with a little red bow to declare her feminine nature. However, I have never once seen a ghostie with a bow.
Pacman really isn’t all that great a super hero, is he? I mean, Superman was super, Spiderman had spider-like powers… If you look up, […]

Announcement: We’re Live!

After a few good weeks of frustration, late nights, and other such fun, is up and running. Thank you to all who have shown me support as I’ve developed this site. There are still a few little things to iron out: eg, the dark comment text… don’t worry, I’m working on it!

The gallery […]

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Times are a’changin’.

Ok, I’m doing my last little bits of tweaking on the new location for this blog and it should be up and running by this time tomorrow. Not long now! So… until then… I would reccommend holding your comments until I’m done with the new site! It will be bigger, better, sexier, and more […]

Jenny is not impressed.

This is Jenny. Jenny is not a happy camper.