Media writing: a far better subject than I was expecting it to be. Great inspiration for drawing! This is a sketch done during the lecture portion of the evening and was subsequently used as part of the tutorial… developing the characters of the story we put together last week as a short film proposal.

This… is Dean’s mum. Perhaps I’ll go into the actual story that we came up at another time, but the basics of Dean’s mum is this: she loves her son incredibly much and is the main parent in the household. Just think ofher as a matriach! She has no problem talking about the embarressing things, and isn’t shy about bringing them up if she thinks that little Dean (not so little, in reality) needs to talk about them. Not to mention that she isn’t disinclined to give examples from her own past experiences, or the experiences of his often-absent but just as loving father. She’s the kind of mother you just can’t help but love… even if she has you going ‘but muuuum’ occasionally because she has just embarressed you in front of your friends and has you brushing bright red.

Ok, there’s a bit more to her than that… but that’s the nice and easy stuff on the surface, to explain why I pulled this pic out during the tutorial to say ‘this is who she is’.

Ok… that’s all for now… Have a great day!