Every hero needs his love interest: this is Dean’s. Yes, we’re back on the media studies story again, just because she fits into the love-interest position so nicely.

This is Ellie: she’s a sporty type, just loving endurance style sports like cross-country. Outwardly energetic and extroverted, she’s the type of girl that people tend to go to when they want something done, particularly since she excells at getting people organized and things sorted. She probably got such skills from having to often care for a handful of younger siblings. Dad died a while back and Mum is too busy trying to support the household to even consider dating. Ellie often wonders if she is happy. Because Mum is a single parent, she often works late, so Ellie’s had to pick up the slack, and make sure that things around the house get done. She doesn’t generally mind, but what with caring for them, trying to maintain her grades and all the other things that go along with being a teen, it gets hard at times.

She has to believe in the power of positive thinking because it is just the only way to keep moving forward… she tends to focus on the fact that what she does helps others, and is better for the overall big picture rather than worry about herself. Sadly, this does lead to some people taking advantage of her ‘good nature’ because she rarely says no. She’s a people-pleaser, even when everything inside her is screaming for her to think of herself for once. With people often relying on her though, she never does. The problem with this though, is that people just come to expect it – she’s always got a smile on her face and will hardly ever admit that there is anything wrong… so people, even those close who should see through it, rarely do. They don’t tend to realize that each task piled onto her shoulders has her more and more anxious about how she’s going to fit it all in and make everyone happy at once. She refuses to admit that it just isn’t possible though: positive thinking can be a killer at times.

Running is her outlet – her one true passion that makes everything else go away. All there is to focus on in keeping on going, the marvellous feeling of moving forward and breaking through your own limits of what you didn’t think you could achieve, pressing further and further each time, challenging what you thought you could do and realizing that you can push yourself even more. It truly is the one thing that makes her happy – there is no-one making demands on her but her, she is her own coach and her own critic; the only one to please is herself. That, and she can pretend she’s running away..

Sorry for the poor writing, all written in a rush to try and describe her… I am certain that it can be more eloquently worded, but I might come back and do that later, if I have the time.