I may actually take this one further than I currently have, as there are some things I wouldn’t mind adjusting a little further… and there is certainly scope to experiment with more colouration, in those delicious muted tones that I do so love and adore… but for now, I thought I’d throw it up in its current state and work more on it later. She was a great break from writing my project proposal today, I’ll tell you that. Originally done in blue ball-point pen (what a surprise there… seems I can’t get away from it…) on paper, then minimally digitally recoloured.

This is Felicity and I am not sure whether I should be telling you what I think of her, or if I should just leave that one up to you… I think she might be better off, perhaps, with that air of mystery rather than having me reveal all of her secrets.

Thank you to Katy for this one, for giving me the inspiration to draw her.