Boundlessly happy and hopelessly optimistic, Clarissa is more than just a few lines thrown together to create a vaguely humanoid form. She is a spritely girl, full of mischief and giggliness… not just regular giggliness, but the kind that’s like the tinkling sound of little fae bells just on the edge of hearing at the breaking of the dawn. She is fairly tiny, but mighty for her size – she’ll ride a kookaburra as soon as a rodeo rider would sit upon a bull just to see how long she can keep holding on until she’s unseated… only to make it up to the disgruntled bird by offering it an incredibly juicy worm from her secret supply of tasty treats. No-one can stay angry at her for long, even a disgruntled kookaburra once he’s been given something nice to eat after such mistreatment.

Her impulsive nature, informed by spur of the moment whimsy, can tend to get her into a bit of trouble… She never means to hurt anyone and doesn’t ever set out to end up in situations where everyone has to rescue her… but it does happen occasionally. Thus is the payment for not thinking things through. Its worth it though, at least to her – for what is a few little bumps along the way if avoiding those bumps altogether also means missing those delicious moments of pure exuberance that can only ever be obtained by spontaneity?