Kat Johnston - No matter how big the sub, I can consume it.

Just a quick sketch today, drawn because I felt like relating a little story about last night. Yes, very rough sketch, with even rougher colouring, but it is the way I feel like drawing today *laughs*.

Last night, my partner and I went and got Subway for dinner. His sub is usually consistant of a meat of some variety, onions, jalapenos, olives and perhaps capsicum (bell peppers, for the unintiated) or pickles. I tend to get a meat of some variety, then everything but the carrot (can’t be greedy now, can we?).

We were watching as the guy was making our sandwiches – James’s as usual, was rather slim… mine needed a crane to get the top part of the breadroll shut. What can I say? I like to get my money’s worth, and I adore lots of salad on my sub.

When we got home, James tucked into his as I struggled to work out how to get the darn thing into my mouth. He went for his usual banter along the lines of ‘That is huge… I’m surprised the guy could even get the thing closed. It goes against all the rules of physics. I’m surprised the world didn’t implode when he was finally able to lever everything inside there enough to get that top bit of bread down.’

My response? ‘Well… Physics isn’t all that much of a rule really, is it? More of a guideline than a law, when you think about it…’ *grin*

Thought that was the end of it, but I got home today to find that he had changed his msn messenger by-line to say “Physics: Its more like a guideline than a law!”

FYI: I am aware that physics is really not all that guideline-ish. I just like pressing James’s buttons because he is an old science geek.