Kat Johnston - Vanessa Snizzlewig. Black sheep, big sister, proud of it.

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The rules are simple: He won’t tell the parents if she won’t. On one of Das’s escapades, he wasn’t exactly expecting to see his own sister skipping out in the middle of the night and hanging out too. Unfortunately, they spotted each other at the same time. Truce time.

Vanessa is what people would politely term the ‘black sheep’ of the family. Unlike Das, she doesn’t take off the make-up to come home to Mother and Father. Although she is still their ‘little Nessy’, Mother does despair that she is ‘not like the other children’. Das is the golden child. Whilst shattering that illusion might seem appealing to her, she’s more interested in what ‘the brat’ can do for her to keep her quiet. Golden-boy is good for some things, at least. That, and if she revealed his secret, there’s nothing stopping him from telling how she knows it in the first place…

Although she puts on a tough ‘nothing can scathe me’ front, she’s not quite as secure as she makes out. Constantly being reminded of how she isn’t living up to her parent’s expectations by not being like everyone else does tend to wear her out a bit, and question herself. The fact that everyone else seems to think the same thing and compare her to goody-two-shoes Das all the time doesn’t exactly help. That said, she’d rather be true to herself than try to put up a front for everyone else’s benefit. Her two best friends, Chance and Holly certainly help too. They keep her grounded.

She’s pretty sure that Das looks down on her a bit, but that isn’t exactly true. He’s impressed that she has the courage to stand up to their parents; they can be intimidating at times. And where he goes out of his way to please them, Vanessa seems to him to be secure enough to tell them that she is who she is and to tell them to accept it. He also seems to think that she looks down on him, but that isn’t entirely true either… whilst she does tend to resent the fact that she keeps getting put up against him and constantly compared, she’s proud of the brat and how smart he is… how talented he is. Neither would tell the other though, naturally… well, unless it came down to torture, anyway!

On a side note and entirely unrelated to the above blurb… Let me share with you a word to the wise, imparted to me by a friend this weekend. Never tear open a stink bomb with your teeth: the smell (and taste for that matter), tends to linger and you’re the one that gets hit with it first.