Kat Johnston - Pacman got a mistress... why no female ghosties too?

Pacman got a mistress. There was Mrs Pacman. Complete with a little red bow to declare her feminine nature. However, I have never once seen a ghostie with a bow.

Pacman really isn’t all that great a super hero, is he? I mean, Superman was super, Spiderman had spider-like powers… If you look up dictionary.com, you’ll see that a ‘pac’ is either a moccasin or a political action commitee… not quite as exciting, don’t you agree? I think the ghosties get a bad rap… its not their fault that they chase after Pacman – he looks like pizza! They should really be the heroes, don’t you think? I think they deserve a few Mrs Ghosties, too. Remember, ghosties are people too… just dead ones.