Monthly Archives: August 2008

Vanessa Elizabeth Snizzlewig.

To understand this post, you might want to consider reading the one before it.

The rules are simple: He won’t tell the parents if she won’t. On one of Das’s escapades, he wasn’t exactly expecting to see his own sister skipping out in the middle of the night and hanging out too. Unfortunately, they spotted […]

Dennis Abercrombie Snizzlewig.

This is Dennis Abercrombie Snizzlewig. Catholic schoolboy at one of the most exclusive boarding houses by day, he likes to put on thick eye-liner, spike his hair and write angsty poetry by night; maybe even sneak out and stay up to the wee hours of the morn at some extreme rave, if he’s feeling […]

Another Long Day…

Not really all that much to say with this forlorn lass. Its been a long day for her, and she is ready to find the nearest pile of blankets, crawl under them and pull the blankets over her head so that nobody can find her.

Physics: Its More of a Guideline than a Law…

Just a quick sketch today, drawn because I felt like relating a little story about last night. Yes, very rough sketch, with even rougher colouring, but it is the way I feel like drawing today *laughs*.

Last night, my partner and I went and got Subway for dinner. His sub is usually consistant of a […]

Requested: Lady Leo.

Only just lightly coloured… perhaps I will follow this one through and colour her fully, because I like her! The request was from Lindsay, throwing together the words ‘leo’ and ‘chain’ for me to play with in a comment left for the last post.