Monthly Archives: August 2008

Oh Dear, Dear, Dear…

Ok, here we go, another picture for today… one request, one ‘this is just what I happened to be drawing today’. Perfect!

Not quite sure what to say about her though… Her name is Susan. Not a lot to go by, is it? *laughs*

Requested: Its not a mess… Its art.

Tara gave me the word ‘clean’… here is my response. Its not a mess. Its art. Or is it? Well, I guess that is up for interpretation! *laughs* Let me just say that if I did this one in my studio, I think I’d get rather a rap on the knuckles for it… but […]


Another quick sketch today, in response to a request from a friend to draw a ‘bot’. I know she meant something else, but this is what she’s getting!

Now… lets try something new… If someone opens up this post and let me know what they would like me to draw tomorrow as a comment, I […]


Really only a quick post for today, because I have a project proposal to complete.

Not much to say with this one, except to ask one very big, very important question… Have you ever noticed that if you say ‘meow-meow-meow-meow’ over and over it starts sounding like ‘yum-yum-yum-yum’?

One more question for the road… Do librarian […]


The sketch is a bit earlier today, as I promised… and yet again, another portraity type thing… I must admit, that the majority of my sketches do tend to be faces… This one could use a touch more work, as could the last one I threw up… to give it a touch more depth […]