Kat Johnston - yes, Death is a woman, and she likes to accessorize.

Posting a little early today, because I am going to be rather busy throughout the day. This is Patsy, one of the various ‘Death’s that performs the wonderful duties of reaping souls. What, you thought that just one ‘Death’ could be at work at a time? I think not!

Patsy was one of the ones employed for her cheerful and approachable nature. Peppy, outgoing, not adverse to putting a few extra sequins on a scythe to make it that touch more personalized… More than that, its safe to say that she enjoys her job. Ok, so she does get a touch ewwie around the excess of blood for some deaths, but surely that could make most anyone a little squeamish here and there. She’s not often called in for those cases, anyway. She’s more of the ‘ease the way for the peacefully departed with a smile and steaming mug of cocoa’ type Death, doling out a welcome package complete with ‘I <3 the Afterlife’ t-shirt and pamphlet on ’10 things you should know about life after the first one’.

Ok, I think that is about it for now – time to get working on the uni stuff again… le sigh!