Kat Johnston - Have you ever noticed that the common house-fly looks kinda like a love-heart when they're upside-down?

I was sitting there, looking at one of the fly pictures this morning… and just went ‘that looks like a love-heart to me’. Flies definitely aren’t generally seen in the context of love, but perhaps if the recipient of a card with this on the front was, say, a frog? Then it might be romantic? Perhaps it could have a little note inside saying ‘Happy Anniversary. How About Dinner?’

These flies really are just far too cute for their own good… I think I’ve worked out the connection too, as to why I’ve been drawing them, perhaps. My husband had to go away for a few days. Not something he does often, mind you. Perhaps because he had to ‘fly’ to his destination, this is really just all about him? Then again, perhaps not. He got back today, and suddenly flies turn into little love-hearts. I’m not sure if that is just my odd little way of showing him I care, or it really is just that when I look at a fly upside-down, it looks that way, so I have to draw it. Minimally digitally coloured in photoshop.

I rather like the feel of the flies in this sort of a context, aligning them with a feminine, crafty feel, as if they were used on the front of a card, a motif in scrapbooking, as a pattern on gift-wrap or the basis of a quilt. They are likeable, sweet, nice… whilst simultaniously keeping their same meaning as flies, with the various associations we generally bring to them… pests, disease, death… but all wrapped up in a pretty little bow and painted pink, as it were. Well, anyway, that’s just what I wanted to play with here.

On a side-note, I just discovered a very interesting and cute little site. Perhaps you might want to check it out too. Who can resist a Flying Pizza Kitty?