Kat Johnston - Flies are flies and they fly most flyfully... that makes no sense.

Three pictures of flies in a row, and I can tell that it is starting to become a mini-obsession… but that is generally the way it is, when I find something that tweaks my interest enough. It will grab me for a few days straight, then become a ‘regular’ obsession, to join all the rest. I don’t think that this picture is done… but I need to throw up something today, so this is it.

Just an update on the site and on me: I’ve added a twitter feed to the sidebar, so if you pop by throughout the day, you can see what I’m up to! Either that, or you can follow me on twitter itself – my username is KatJohnston, or just click here to see my current profile page.

I have also set up a Flickr account, and have uploaded two sets of photos taken of my wonderful city. You can find them here and here. I will be periodically adding to the Flickr photos and will update you as they become available.