Kat Johnston - Jenny is somewhat perplexed today... I'm not 100% sure she agrees with the whole 'pink' thing.

Hmm… Ok, I think Jenny has made it to the regular characters list too. Three times, and she gets a category of her own, methinks! I’m actually not quite sure exactly what she is perplexed about… perhaps it is the fact that she is drawn on pink paper today? Who knows.

When I draw characters, often or not they are just one-time ‘this is what came into my head’ type drawings… sometimes, there are a few that get repeated. Jenny is actually somewhat of an evolution of another character I draw rather regularly, which hasn’t been featured up here on the website. Perhaps I will throw her up another day. There seems to be a certain point, I think, where my little characters go from ‘once or twice’ to ‘will be drawn fairly often’, and Jenny has tipped from one to the other. I must admit, I wasn’t entirely expecting her to – when I drew the first, I was simply venting frustration at Poe, my silly computer for not being able to automatically do what I envision in my head (sorry Poe… I don’t mean it, really I don’t). I’m quite happily surprised that Jenny has turned into a little more for me. She’s an awesome gal.

I’m going to toss out another interesting little link today, because I’d like to share with you some of the little gems that I stumble across when navigating the wonderful content people create and put online. Today’s featured link: Robot Comix. Two squares of graph paper, some dots and lines, and the cutest little robot appears alongside a few words of wisdom.

I’ve popped in a new ‘Interesting Links’ category so that these links are easy to find in the future, too. Don’t you just hate it when you find a great page, lose the link, then have to wade through a trillion posts just to find the right one to get it again? Well… I do. So there *wink*. Let me know what you think!