Kat Johnston Sketch - Jenny Again! Just a little dotty today... and shorter pig-tails too.

Another quick one today… and another Jenny! I really should expand into showing her whole body one day, or at least put her in a different pose occasionally… but up until now (and still now) I just love the nice little simplicity of leaving her as she is. Jenny rocks. If you want to see something interesting, try having a click on the ‘Jenny’ category to see how she’s looked before, and how she’s changed here and there… her head is certainly starting to even out in a slightly more square shape than it started out, and I think she’s gotten a little slimmer *laughs*. I think I’ll find it interesting to click on that one after Jenny has featured a few more times… see if she normalizes into a more ‘set’ form.

This piccie was drawn as I was waiting to have my little one on one interview with my lecturer to get an assignment back (procedure for that class, not a special case for me). The interviews were running an hour late. Could not believe how long it was taking. Had to make use of the time somehow, I suppose!

I currently have two little sketchbooks in my bag to take around wherever I go. They don’t actually get pulled out while out-and-about all that much, if just running errands or things of that nature. Waiting for people to come out of a lecture theature, getting growingly annoyed at someone who is impulsively tapping the wall and lamenting the fact that you actually half-jogged your way to get to the appointment on time only to be left waiting an hour later, though… they can come in handy.