Kat Johnston Sketchbook - Tentacles, are they? I seem to have an odd fascination with tentacles... who knows why... childhood trauma, perhaps?

Another little sketch-book post today… I’ve decided that I have to start with a set of eyes on each page (the cute big round ones that make me go ‘awww’ or ‘eeee!’) then go from there. Eyes are always a good place to start, in my opinion. From there on in, the rest is just whatever my poor feeble brain tells me to do… until it looks right. Or right-ish. Sorta right? Well… close enough. Each time I do a little drawing in this sketch-book, I’ll throw it up, bad, good, or just plain weird. Unless you don’t want me to. In which case, I will keep the evidence of my psychosis to myself. And my apparent obsession with tentacles…

I’ve added a new category for the posts with these sketch-book images, rather unoriginally named ‘Sketch-Book’. Who said I’m not inspired?

Just a quick note to Steve, who sent a request through my private-super-awesome-hotline (the contact page), thanks for the request, am working on it, and will post it soonish.