Kat Johnston Portrait: This is why I don't do these things often... they're impossible to perfect in a short amount of time for me, especially when I do the whole thing in ballpoint pen... not smart, am I?

I don’t do ‘proper’ portraity type things all that often… always risk offending the person I do it of, or, even worse, making it look like somebody totally different. This is not the greatest example of portraity type work from me, that’s for sure… but it’ll do for now. I know there are many faults (thus is the risk when doing a portraity type thing entirely in ballpoint-pen), but hopefully it is recognizable anyway. I got a request for the words ‘big ears’ through my contact form by Steve, and this is his request fulfilled.

One could always draw Dumbo, or Big Ears from Noddy… or just some random creature with, well, big ears (rabbits come to mind)… but I’m not sure that they have had anyone stick a pair of gigantic ears drawn on pieces of paper to their chair at work by a man who will remain nameless (but will forever be drawn with stink lines). Hope you like it Steve!

Does anyone else have a request? Please leave it in the comments section and I can draw something using that as inspiration. I promise… I won’t draw you. Unless you want me to. In which case I won’t be held responsible for drawing someone that looks entirely different.