Kat Johnston Sketchbook - these sketches are odd, yet I am still fascinated with the characters they are creating... what is her story?

Another ‘littlest sketch-book’ post, with another odd little creature coming forth from naught but a pair of eyes… I want to know what her story is. I haven’t quite been able to latch onto what it is yet… Neither do I understand her name of ‘My Saving Grace’, but the title floated down and settled upon her like a mantle before I had but a second’s say in her naming.

But I suppose if this little sketch-book is going to contain creatures just drawn organically without a second thought, I had best respect that along with their own form, they may dictate their names without my interferance either. Its only a fair exchange for allowing me to capture them on the page, is it not? Well… I think so. Ok… I’m off to properly start the day. Hopefully there is enough time to scootch to the markets and buy the best hot chocolate in town before they shut up shop for the day.