Kat Johnston Sketch - Upside down? Who's odd idea was that for a joke? I feel like Blackboard should be here saying 'hurry up, hurry up...'

Today’s little sketch is… upside-down? Not my fault, I swear! I drew the eyes and they just came out that way. I was listening to music from Moulin Rouge, and a (seemingly) random selection of classic French tunes as I was drawing this little lady. I don’t know why I feel the need to mention that, but I think it might be significant somehow.

You know… I love my hubby, I really do. But he can be an evil man at times… I think that is one of the reasons I do love him so incredibly much.

We went shopping yesterday, for a few new shirts for him. I was able to pick up a couple of hooded tops for myself while we were at it – one incredibly over-sized, incredibly comfy olive-coloured one for lounging around the house in… and one nicely-fitted black creation that has a cute little set of buttons to one side of the collar, so that it can be worn with a high collar or v-neck. I put the black one on again as soon as I got home to show off to my loving spouse, since he didn’t get to see it on me in the shop.

I threw it on with a long black skirt, as the one I was wearing didn’t show it off quite to best effect. I plonked down the stairs and did a twirl for him… to which he said ‘Pull up the hood for me?’. I obediently pulled up the hood for him, so that he could see what it looked like – to which he responded ‘now all you need is an apple…’

Horrid man. Do I look as if I go around poisoning young princesses who board with miner dwarves in the middle of enchanted forests? I think not! I’d make sure the job got done right the first time round…