Kat Johnston Sketch - ok, we've got to stop with the flies, don't we? The girl is wearing fly goggles for Pete's sake! I'm not sure if the psyche's look kindly on such behavior...

Sorry for the pun. Its a compulsion. I don’t want for such things to happen, but its entirely beyond my control. I know its lame, but I can’t help it that despite the fact that they are about the most sigh-worthy jokes in history, I am still amused by them.

Not much really to say about this picture, save for the fact that I like her. I know, I know, ‘It is getting beyond a joke – stop it with the flies already!’ I hear you cry. If it is any consolation, it didn’t start out that way – I was going to draw a girl like any other… well… not quite any other, but you get the picture.

I find that when I sketch, if something is telling you one thing, even when what you originally wanted was something different, its time to run with it and see where it leads you. Sketches like these take minutes, not days. They’re not meant to rival the Sistine Chapel, they’re just quick little snippets of thought that run skittering across my brain saying ‘draw me, draw me!’ Some just happen to scream out a little louder than others at times. Its better just to listen, really, and go with the flow.

They even start jostling some days, getting more than a little pushy. I guess it can get to being pretty stiff competition up there when I have a million other things on my mind. Especially when an ingenious plan including a ferret, a beach-ball and two pounds of English cheddar cheese is your competition for upper-brain activity.

Ah well… what can I say? Its pointless to resist it. ‘Batty girl with fly goggles’ wins the brain-lottery this evening. Her prize? International exposure on the internets, a ‘buzz-ity-buzz’ caption and an ingenious plan of her very own involving a ferret, a beach ball and two pounds of delicious English cheddar… who said psychosis can’t be fun?