Kat Johnston Sketchbook - they just keep on coming, don't they? Well... at least they keep me entertained...

Today’s littlest sketch-book page. His name is Buttons. I have no idea why. Cute little mite, isn’t he?

Only read on if you want to be bored with my ranting… I’m in a ranting mood today.

So, I am all alone at home today, kept company only by my two self-serving cats who are quite happy to ignore me all day, so long as I’m not walking to the kitchen (Oh my, she means food doesn’t she? Dinner time? Now? Now!) or laying down somewhere. Apparently I make an excellent cat-cushion. Lolita is the worst of the two in that way – if I’ve popped upstairs to shut my eyes for a few moments, she’s often only a few seconds behind me. She waits until I am nice and settled, drifting off into blessed unconsciousness, before bouncing up, purring like a mack truck, and batting my nose with a paw to get pettings. Cheeky little wench.

Penny, meanwhile, has set up camp in the closet for the day, making entirely sure that all my black clothing (which accounts for most of my clothing, by the way) is suitably exposed to as much of her cream-coloured cat fur as possible. Isn’t she sweet? I think I’d better put another lint-brush on the shopping list

Darling hubby is away for a few days doing something or other. Him calling home to say ‘oh sweetie, I have to bring you here, the beach is just beautiful!’ isn’t helping either. I’m seriously considering glaring at him from here with my laser-eyes-of-doom and seeing what affect it has on him. Meanwhile, I’m stuck writing assignments and glancing wistfully towards my bed, counting down the hours until I can retire to it without feeling incredibly guilty that I haven’t gotten more work done during the day.

Just on a side-note, I’ve just joined Digg (about time!) and discovered this when browsing through some of the items on there. I laughed out loud. I think you might also. So check it out, safe for work, I promise!

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