Kat Johnston Sketchbook - this guy is rather bubbley, isn't he? I wouldn't want his skin condition...Kat Johnston Sketchbook - this guy is rather bubbley, isn't he? I wouldn't want his skin condition...

Its the second day in a row that I have posted after 3pm… I’m getting slack! I’m not even sure what this little guy is, but I have a feeling that he might be that little creature that sits in the back of the oven, waiting until you turn away to take a little nibble from the edge of a souffle and make it collapse, entirely ruining a perfect dessert.

I’ve just gotten home from a delicious lunch of prawns, calamari, scallops, fish and Moreton Bay bug – which is not a real bug, mind you. Its a tasty little lobster, not a squidgey little insect, for those that are unfamiliar with them. It was followed by a most delicious cheese platter and afagato afterwards *sighs happily*. Tasty tasty! Anyhow, that is the reason that I am posting late today. No souffles at all. Have you noticed that restaurants don’t have these little mites? They turn out souffles perfect every time. I wonder if they have a special repellent for them… ‘Collapser-be-gone’.

Ok, a little update: I’ve finally gotten around to getting the gallery up and running properly, though there is not a huge amount in there at this point. I have the progress shots of my ratties alongside some paintings and sculptural works I did a while back which I thought might be of interest. I may add an area in there for my favourite sketches when I have a chance also.

I will be so happy when university is done for the semester and I do actually have time to paint again – I think that as soon as I have time once more that page will expand a lot more rapidly.

I have also uploaded a more recent image of myself to the ‘About the Artist’ page, to reflect what I do actually currently look like. As I’ve said in a few posts previous, I’ve cropped my hair short and dyed it pink. I love it.

Ok, that’s all for today. Keep an eye out for a very special post coming soon!