Update: 21 responses so far! We’re over the 20-person mark, can we get it to 25? Please get as many people involved as you can, I’ll update the number as we go. Regular entries are still being posted just under this one. This survey reminder will just remain at the top of the page until October 3rd – extending it out a touch longer for responses from Articulate! Thanks QUT!

This survey helps with my major assignment. At the very least, all I need is three words you can think of to describe me, based on your impressions of my web-presence online (perhaps reading through some of my posts or checking out the ‘Find me on’ list to the right will help, if you can’t think of anything straight away), though I would also love it if you would care to elaborate.

More info about the survey (if you want it) after the cut.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first visit to this site, or the thirtieth: I want to hear what you have to say. Names and e-mail addresses will not be released or used for other than this survey, though the words submitted may appear as a listing on this website on completion of the survey period.

As some may know, I am currently undergoing a major research project regarding online identity, personal branding and related issues with regards visual artists on the web as part of my Masters of Arts and Creative Industries Management. A major portion of this project has been centred around the creation of my own online identity – this website, along with my presence across a number of online activities from posting to twitter and creating entries on this website through to building networks on Facebook and more. These online activities come together to form an identity which reflects the person behind the pen or paintbrush.

The creative industries plays host to a number of professionals who work as individual practitioners, who, even into the maturity of their careers with such things as gallery representation or agents, may still be required to take on the role of building their profile and generating interest in their work and themselves. This is pertinent in particular in my own field of the visual arts, where practicing artists often work under their own name and own direction. The importance placed on promotion and ‘getting the word out’ for people that operate as individuals cannot be underestimated, especially if there is a goal towards developing self-sustaining arts practices.

One of the most accessible and affordable forms of promotion now available to practitioners is the internet and the wealth of web 2.0 resources that are currently available. These applications, such as social networking sites and blogging software, can offer creative practitioners new ways to connect with people and the opportunity to build a profile not only for their own work, but themselves as a creative entity and individual – they have the opportunity to promote themselves alongside their product and become the first point of call for people interested in that which they produce, becoming the first port of call for interested parties rather than relying on what others present of their work.

Before this project, I had a small blog known only to family and a couple of friends who checked it out once in a while. Under a month ago, I had little to no web-presense under my own name. Since this project started, I have been working towards changing that by becoming far more involved as an online participant rather than an online observer. It is a process which will be continued and sustained after this particular project is completed and I once again actually have time to practice an an artist again.

Anyhow, that gives you a brief overview as to why I am doing this survey. I would like to know about how successfully I am putting across my own ‘identity’ and looking to evaluate how well I have reflected myself here online. If you have any comments, questions, or would like any more information regarding this survey, this project, or myself, please leave them in the comments field below or you can get ahold of me via the contact page.

Thank you once again for your assistance, it truly is very appreciated.