Kat Johnston Sketchbook - I think he might just be a little batty... oh dear... I didn't make that joke, did I?

Here we go! Another little sketch-book post today, since I didn’t have much time to sit down and do much (ok, any) sketching today.

The hubby and I had to go pick up my sisters from the train station – they’re staying for a week and a bit over their holidays. Hopefully I can bribe the younger of the two to draw something to go up here – I can give her a guest-spot! She really is a talented little minx.

Anyhow, as we were waiting for the train to arrive, we were doing a few blocks to avoid parking, and got to speaking about the different materials and little stories (that naturally involve him) that appear on this blog. He’s even taken to saying ‘oh dear, I’m going to see that in a post tomorrow, aren’t I?’ after he’s done something hilariously ‘wrong’… at least by conventional standards.

Just in case it wasn’t obvious from my postings though, I actually find it rather hilarious when he ‘zings’ me with a great joke or ‘insult’. Its a bit of a game of ours and does make for fantastic stories afterwards to share. I suppose we are rather delightfully dysfunctional like that… but you know what? I don’t think I’d want it any other way. Love you sweetheart.

Edit: If you give me any more grief for being sappy, dear husband of mine, I -will- turn the stories on here about you into far more interesting ones. Ones with nice, juicy details *snickers*.