Kat Johnston - nope. I didn't draw this. This is drawn by my exceedingly talented and awesome sister. See? Brilliance runs in the family!

This picture… is not mine *gasp*. Today, I’m doing a guest spot to feature one of my incredibly brilliant and overly talented sisters! I would like to think that I inspired her to get into drawing… but the likelihood is that she just got into it herself. No harm in me taking credit for how great she is though, is there? Good. That’s settled.

My sisters have come to stay with me over their holidays so that they can get away from home for a bit and overdose on gummy bears, candy-bracelets and anything sugary they can salvage from the kitchen or, if necessary, the local supermarket. I suppose I should really be that ‘good big sister’ and feed them nice, healthy things (like lettuce… mmmm, lettuce), but if the girls want sugar they want sugar. What can I say? I’d be a horrible parent. This is why I don’t breed.

Anyhow, back to the arty type stuff. I pounced on the girl today and accosted her for a picture to throw up on the site. She pointed me towards her DeviantArt page. She hadn’t even told me she had one! Silly bunny… Anyhow, that aside, this picture is named ‘LMAO’ and here is her own little write-up of this picture:

Likes: Haruto (my other imaginary friend), Japanese food, art and music.
Dislikes: Everything other that what’s in the ‘like’ section.
Jake is not easily amused.

OK, this is Jake – one of two of my imaginary friends.

Talented little mite, isn’t she?