Kat Johnston sketch - just something rough to consider the season we're coming into... yay for pumpkins! Eeeevil pumpkins.

This is just a quick little sketch thrown up because I can’t -not- put up a sketch of my own today… even if it is rather late in the evening for another post. Rather halloween inspired, I suppose!

You know… I’ve never tried pumpkin pie. Perhaps it is because I do generally have a bit of an aversion to pumpkins – they are certainly not my favourite food in the world. I rather enjoy a good home-made pumpkin soup, but pumpkin itself, not so much. Especially since it doesn’t like me. That’s right, pumpkin does not like me. One attacked me when I was innocently going about my business, so I’ll just assume that they all aren’t all that partial to me.

I was just casually walking up the back steps of my little home one fine day, when one lunged at me and tried to eat my foot. It got away with nearly breaking a toe, but luckily nothing too serious. I can’t say I don’t blame them for not liking me though… I wouldn’t particularly like being blended up and served with a nice crusty bread-roll either.

A note for anyone visiting when I’m out of the house: please leave gifts of pumpkins where I can see them without having to look down. Even better? Bake them into a pie for me so that I can give it a go.