Kat Johnston Sketch - another night of marketing, another random sketch, another day closer to the end of the semester.

Another random sketch and one I do not yet think is complete. She’s telling me she wants more and I’m telling her ‘later’ because I need to throw something up onto the site now! So I will throw up a ‘completed’ one later, if a completed one later happens to exist. It started off with the face, and then the curves down below… then things sort of started growing from there. Where it will go… I actually have an inkling or two, but I’m going to keep them to myself and leave it as a surprise when you see more of her.

A little interesting link today, because I know how much I love finding these little gems of the internet: One Mile Scroll, which I discovered through my twitter feed thanks to @caroline, another twitter user. It turns one whole mile into a scrollable webpage, complete with the option to contribute height markers along the way to make the scroll more interesting. A novel way to deliver little factoids alongside transforming “virtual space into an actual, physical distance”.

I must admit, I wasn’t expecting Twitter to be of much ‘use’ to me when I started playing around with it, but I have actually been finding it incredibly fun to get involved with it. Yay Twitter! Oh, if you happen to want to join me on twitter, the username is KatJohnston (original I know), or you can just click here to see my Twitter profile. An incentive for joining me there? I send out an update on Twitter automatically each time I post a new entry on here – so you can be the first to know when something goes up!

Edit: just adding in another interesting little link because I am sure that some others would enjoy it as much as I do. Before I die I want to… is a project that takes snapshots of people with polaroid cameras (who have stopped producing their materials and is thus ‘dying’ in its own right) with their hand-written statement of what they want to do before they die on their photograph. The site then states that it wants to go back and actually find out if people have done what they have set out to do after a good period of time has elapsed. I love the concept behind this, and the execution is also just great. Well worth a look. Uhh, and if anyone happens to have a polaroid camera and some film in Brisbane and doesn’t mind taking a shot of me, I’d love to have my picture up there too! Can anyone hook me up?