Kat Johnston Sketch - I have named him Bobbles. Because he has, uh, bobbles?

Just a quick one this evening… I have named him Bobbles. He was drawn yesterday between editing the formatting for scripted scenes. This assignment was fairly interesting to do: one scene, presented as a script in three different genres. I decided to do comedy, mockumentary, and erotica. ‘Why, Kat?’ you ask? Because the scenario worked for all three, because I needed a good chuckle, and lord help me the lecturer said she was up for anything. Lets test that theory, shall we? Don’t worry, I did actually run it by her before going ahead with it. She loved the idea.

Phew! Only three more assignments to go. Only, I say? Hardly. But its just so much easier to try and think of it as ‘only’ rather than ‘ok, the ‘easy’ ones are over and done with, now for the big, bad, nasty ones’. The first description has a much better ring to it, yes?