Kat Johnston sketch - Another Jenny, and I've even done the whole body... not sure if it is the final body she's going to get, but it looks good for now.

I’ve had this one in the sketchbook for over a week now, just never got around to actually scanning it in – and since I am working on a larger sketch at the moment, I thought I’d throw up this one to fill in the gap for today. For those who are seeing Jenny for the first time today, try checking out the ‘Jenny’ category to get an idea of her progression.

Anyhow, stay tuned for something more substantial either later tonight or tomorrow. I’ve been busy working on a slightly more detailed sketch and cursing the fact that I need a better desk, so I’ll post the results of that little experiment when I’m done.

So far, I’ve been having fun with it save for one, rather annoying thing. The pen I have started drawing it with is faltering. Now for me, this is not a good thing… because not all pens are created equal and the pen I am using is not a generic bic or something. If it were, I could just pick up another generic bic, and continue with a nice, fresh pen. Since I don’t have a refil for this pen, nor another pen exactly the same, I have to continue with using this one. Argh!

Ah well… it is my own fault. I have been using that pen to death recently, and it is about time it falters. I think it is actually a combination of the pen and the type of paper I’m using. Well, I’d better get back to it!