• Kat Johnston Sketch: Dressing up for Halloween - its popular up to a certain age... goes out of fashion... then suddenly we all want to be kids again. Yay costumes!
  • Thank you to all who responded to my survey! I’ll put together some results from that and post them either later today or tomorrow, to let you know how people answered. A couple did somewhat surprise me, but I’ll go into that later. If you missed responding and still want to do so, it can still be found here.

    Today’s piccie I think needs a little disclaimer. My mother never made me dress up for Halloween or, for that matter, any other happy holiday so far as I can recall. Unless you count Christmas and wearing a Christmas-print skirt that my grandmother made me, but there wasn’t really all that much arm-twisting going on there – it was rather cute after all.

    As for those parents who aspire to dress their children (even infants) in costumes for all occasions (who said that dressing a baby as a turkey for Thanksgiving isn’t just all in good fun?), luckily we have Martha Stewart and her guests showing us how. Luckily no real turkeys were hurt in the making of that clip, but I’m not sure I can say the same for the babies. The kicker? That clip is up on youtube and that kid will have to live with the fact that he’s the turkey-baby until the end of days. I bet that gets played at his 18th. Lucky boy.

    Onto other matters (I like costumes, by the way, so long as I get to pick them out), I am still typing on an ergonomic keyboard at the moment, because my darling husband upped and killed my most prized posession ever by spilling hot chocolate all over it a couple of weeks back. Squishy II was my most beloved keyboard and he ruthlessly murdered it. I have a feeling it was a sense of jealousy – he knows that in a fire I’d probably have saved it first… then come back for him and the cats. I’ve had to use this tragic ergonomic excuse for a keyboard thing for weeks. No offence to those who actually like using these things, but it is driving me insane *sigh*. Rest in peace, Squishy II.