• Kat Johnston Sketch - Satudays are not an easy day to get motivated on if your hubby is coaxing you to watch tv... lucky he took a break and had a bath.
  • A rather quick and rough little sketch today, since it is Saturday. Most days, since I’ve gotten into the swing of things, have been no real trouble to try and get at least one little picture up per day. Weekends, however, things do become a little more lax… motivation to sketch isn’t quite as easy to keep up when there are other far more delightful things to distract me. That said, the track record of the past month teaches me well and truly that it is possible and that I can do it – it would be a pity to ruin so many consecutive days in a row of a sketch going up by slacking off today. So, I present to you, the sketch for the day.

    I just grabbed the first drawing surface handy and threw her together… I think she’s a little shocked, actually, to find out that she was there herself. As for the repetition of ‘no’s in the background… it is to no purpose. She said ‘say no’, so I did. I have yet to work out why and in this case, I am not one to press.