• Kat Johnston Sketch - The name Jashua just popped out for this little guy... and I don't even like the name Jashua. Go figure.
  • Ok, so to get the sketch for today out of the way: his name is Jashua and I don’t even know why. I don’t even like the name Jashua. Go figure. I still can’t believe that I name some (read ‘most’) of my sketches… he’s just a random sketch that I know that I’m not going to come back to, but he’s named anyway. Most of them at least get a quick back-story or character profile in my head too. Generally not all that extensive, mind you, but something at least. Lets skip over that for today and move onto some more interesting stuff though, yes?

    Now, onto some survey results! Overall, I got 23 responses all up. Below are the words that were used, with the frequency of the words after them in brackets.

    ‘Creative’ (8), ‘Artistic’ (3), Imaginative (3), ‘Talented’ (2), Inventive (1), ‘Good Drawer’ (1), ‘Curious’ (1), ‘Quirky’ (1), ‘Eclectic’ (1), ‘Colourful’ (2), ‘Vibrant’ (1), ‘Monochrome’ (1), ‘Fun’ (1), ‘Funny’ (1), ‘Humor’ (1), ‘Charming’ (1), Intelligent (1), Clever (1), Smart (1), ‘Deep’ (1), ‘Depth’ (1), ‘Thoughtful’ (1), ‘Deeply Emotive’ (1), ‘Sensitive’ (1), ‘Caring’ (2), ‘Sweet’ (1), ‘Kind’ (1), ‘Loving’ (1), ‘Warm’ (1), ‘Affectionate’ (1), ‘Clean’ (1), ‘Alive’ (1), ‘Cuteness’ (1), ‘Brave’ (1), ‘Easygoing’ (1), ‘Candid’ (1), ‘Individualistic’ (1), ‘Intriguing’ (1), ‘Pondering’ (1), ‘Distinct’ (1), ‘Inimitable’ (1), ‘Open’ (1), ‘Open Source’ (1), ‘Minx’ (1), ‘Simple’ (1), ‘Quite Interesting’ (1), ‘Organised’ (1), ‘Systematic’ (1), ‘Driven’ (1), ‘Cat’ (1), ‘Funky’ (1), ‘Jazz’ (1), ‘Musical’ (1), ‘Feminine’ (1), ‘Reflective’ (1).

    Phew! Quite a list, isn’t it? I could probably have tried to roll some of those words into one another (eg, humor and funny could be close enough to be considered one and the same), but I’ve decided to keep them separate to give a more accurate set of words to you to have a look at. I’m glad to see ‘Creative’ topping the list (it is one of the things that I do hope that I show through this site), but was a little surprised by a couple of the others. Jump into comments and tell me what you think!