• Kat Johnston - Ok, I admit it... I'm a big ole geek, complete with SL account and an enjoyment of making SL jewelry. On the up side, you get to see it. Yay!
  • Ok, so I do play Second Life… want to know why? On top of the fact that is is a glorified chat program with pretty pictures (and virtual fashion one wishes could and would look good on you in real life), I get to make said pretty pictures (and fashion) myself. My activities of the day have been rather centred around making some virtual jewelry, so rather than show you a sketch, I thought I’d throw up this picture instead.

    You might want to zoom in closer (picture should be clickable) to get a better look, because the detail is rather tiny. I made a full set, top to toe, with facial piercings, earrings, choker, so on and so forth, all with three levels of glow to make them all pretty pretty. A friend was looking for something and it didn’t sound like she was going to find what she’d want, so I thought I might as well make up a set to pass away the time instead of hunting high and low.

    I first got into Second Life about a year ago, as I was doing an assignment about the intellectual property right issues with regards to virtual worlds, with a particular focus on Second Life, since all of the content is created by the players themselves. I decided that rather than just reading up about it, I might as well have a peek inside the ‘game’ as well. I use the word ‘game’ rather loosely, of course, as it kinda is just what you make of it. For me, it is about creating pretty things (from landscaping islands through to creating intricate jewelry, etc), for others it can be things like roleplaying elves or dragons, or becoming a virtual entrepreneur selling your wares or dealing with real-estate and so on.

    Anyhow… I did my research, wrote my paper, got an A and decided to stick around. I’ve been entirely suckered into the creative aspects of the game and am quite happy to sit under a virtual tree and chat while I make pretty virtual jewelry.