[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketchbook – The first page of yet another book… I decided to go to town on this one.” size=”large” id=”745″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketchbook – The first page of yet another book… I decided to go to town on this one.” linkto=”viewer” ]

I decided yesterday, as I went into my media writing subject, to dedicate the first page of this new little notepad to a bit of drawing… then post it with no cropping, no centering in on a good spot and cutting out the rest, or any of that sort of stuff. Thus, I present to you the first page of yet another notebook. You can click on the image to zoom in and get a bit of a better closer look… might be helpful to read some of the writing close-up.

If I am drawing during a lecture or a class, this is the sort of stuff that does actually generally come out… it isn’t something to distract me from what is being said, it is… hmmm… lets say an almost meditative technique? It is something to do with my hands as my mind is focusing on something else (what is being said by the lecturer, teacher, etc). My mind is fairly unfocused on what I am drawing – its more a stream of consciousness than anything else, flitting here and there and everywhere as I listen to and absorb other information.

Yes… sounds like a complete cop-out as to why I am wasting my time sketching when I should be ‘concentrating’ on something else… but I actually find it helps. I don’t entirely know how… perhaps some pseudo-meditative thing whereby the action of doing something without thought focuses the mind on that which actually requires attention.

Or perhaps it is just that things flitter through my brain almost constantly and getting them on paper gives them somewhere to go… empties out the random things to let the important stuff have some space up there. Eh, those are a couple of theories, in any case.

One of the best things to come out of the lecture, oddly enough, was a showing of an old film regarded by some to be the ‘worst film ever’. Plan 9 from Outer Space was shown, just the first half dozen scenes, and I was laughing the entire time… I love films that are just so bad that they’re good. Just to give you a little taste of just how brilliant this film is… watch a clip from the opening of the movie. Its well worth checking out!