• Kat Johnston Sketch - There were no fish quite like this fish, for he was unique so far as fishes come. He would grant wishes three, but you must see, if the wishee might wish them undone.
  • I think I’m in a couplet-y mood today. It happens once in a while where little snippets and snatches of rhyme without reason leap before my inner eye and tap on the quivering glass of my real ones. They point them to watch a pen, delicately poised over paper, to let them sneak their way into actual sight.

    The picture today was drawn earlier on in the morning, when my sketching of faces was just not behaving. So, time to draw in a looser style and see what happens. A few random lines later, and this little fellow appeared, to be redrawn as you see him here with a tweak and a twitter. I think he is a fish, mayhaps a magic koi (though of a variety I never once have seen). As with all wish-granting entities though, I suggest that your wishes are very carefully worded and thought out in advance. You never know when ‘world peace’ ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    That is all for today: I know it is a shorter post than usual, but hey, it’s Friday! On the upside, after all the fishy titles… you’ve actually got a post now that actually refers to a fish.