• Kat Johnston - its just one of those days, and this is something quick to get it out of the way and get something posted before it passes me by.
  • Ohhh, another very quick picture today: so quick in fact that I couldn’t take the time to pick up a pen and sketch it on paper, scan it in and crop it down and so forth. Instead, thank god for the wacom tablet to cut out that extra step for quick and dirty posting.

    Just in case it wasn’t obvious, the past few days have been a bit busy, and today will be no exception with some last-minute polishing of an assignment underway. Every time I get to the point of finishing big assignments, I turn to my hubby and say ‘Why? Why do I torture myself so? Why have I gone back to university time and time again? Please, for the love of god, stop me if I try it again, ok?’

    I think the fact of the matter is that I just adore learning… I really do. I can’t help but enjoy picking up these little snippets of knowledge here and there before rolling them all together to create a brilliant bigger picture. That said… I still hate assignments. With a passion. So there.