• Kat Johnston Sketch - is it slightly ironic that it is a snowman throwing snowballs? They are his potential snow-children, after all!
  • Ok, I think you all deserve a sketch today that -isn’t- done as a randomly squiggled set of words decrying assignments. So you’re getting a snow-man. A snow-man flinging snow-balls. Which, in all honesty, doesn’t seem quite right. It almost feels as if, had it been an actual man rather than a snow-man, and the snow-balls were something similarly related, there would be something entirely, entirely wrong with this particular situation. Do I overthink things too much? Hell yes. Does it make for some incredibly interesting mental images though? Hell yes they do. I think the pay-off is kinda worth it.

    So, my major humungo-ginormous-oh-my-god-please-make-the-assignment-writing-stop assignment did get handed in yesterday: all done and dusted. As with any of my assignments, I’m rather sure that it could have been done better, but I think that is the way with most things. You get them done, and go ‘you know, if I had a week more… it would be better…’ As it is though, I’m rather happy overall – mainly because it is done and that is one little step closer towards the end of the semester and escape from ‘the institution’.

    I love university, but I will be glad to get away from it a while. If anyone just happens to know of any good part-time jobs coming up for a tenacious artist soon to graduate from a Masters of Arts and Creative Industries Management, feel free to drop my name! Whilst I would love to be able to stay at home and paint and draw all the time, apparently there’s this little thing called ‘money’ and it ‘makes the world go round’. Kinda in conflict with the whole ‘all you need is love’ thing, but there ya go.

    Ok… enough odd ranting for now, I am going to go finish watching the rest of Ready Steady Cook and relax for the afternoon. I’m also going to enjoy some raspberry gelato… mmmm, raspberry gelato.