• Kat Johnston Sketch - Mmmm, delicious coffee is delicious. Probably even more so when you know it is probably going to be one of only two cups for the day. Damn lack of milk...
  • This is a picture of a steaming cup of what is meant to be coffee. To understand why I felt the need to draw a picture of a cup of coffee, read on.

    I woke this morning and dredged myself down to the computer to perform my daily morning rituals… a glass of water, a quick check of the e-mail, the more recently added ‘first twitter of the day’ and so forth. I had mint dark chocolate for breakfast… not exactly the breakfast of champions, I suppose, but damn it tasted good. It was then that I dragged myself back upstairs and threw together a coffee.

    As the water was coming to the boil, I grabbed the other essential coffee-making tools: a teaspoon (you can never have enough teaspoons), the coffee itself (sorry, it was instant) and milk. I should never be shocked to see that there is little milk in this household: my partner drinks milk as if he were entirely made of calcium… perhaps the need for milk accounts for all the bull sometimes too. Did I really make that joke? Why yes, I believe I did. Zing, Mister James. Zing.

    Anyhow, long story short, after this coffee, there is only actually enough milk for one more coffee. It got me to thinking… who was the first person to put milk in coffee? Why? Were they mostly out of water one day and went ‘huh, let me try it with this bovine secretion, perhaps that will taste ok’? Perhaps that is taking it a bit far – I realize that, as with sugar, somebody probably went ‘you know, it might be a bit more drinkable if it has something a bit sweeter in it’, but there is another step to this thinking. I’ve never really tried coffee with a range of other liquids. Liqueurs, milk, cream, ice-cream, all yes… but not, say, orange juice, or pomegranate juice, or creaming soda. Perhaps I am missing out. Probably not, seeing as I don’t see many ‘coffee and creaming soda’ drinks out there on the open market, but you never know.

    I think I’m going to do some experimentation later… probably much to the disgust of my adoring husband who thinks I am crazy when I pick up a random drink from the Asian grocery store and go ‘you know, I think I’m going to try this’ even though I can’t even make out the words on the label. But as with picking up random drinks at the Asian grocery, while some may be absolutely horrendeous, you never really do know when you are going to stumble on something out of this world. Who knows? I might start a whole new coffee-drinking trend.

    Oh, by the way? I drink my coffee white, no sugar.