[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch – I’m a little bird, twitter tweet, twitter tweet.” size=”large” id=”767″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketch – I’m a little bird, twitter tweet, twitter tweet.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Sometimes I wonder whether I should even post anything when the pictures are as pointless as this one… but I said a sketch a day (or more accurately, a creative product a day), so its going up anyway. No long post today, just a shortie. I was woken this morning to my cat snuggled up on my stomach going ‘pet me, pet me’, but as soon as I started obeying she jumped up, pushed through the blinds and started stalking birds through the glass. When she does this… she makes a little ‘ne-ne-ne-ne-ne’ sort of noise. I’ve wondered why she does this on more than one occasion, but I think I’ve finally figured it out.

She’s trying to be a bird. She’s ‘tweeting’ to lure them into thinking, against all logic that she is, in fact, a bird. ‘Come here, little birdies’ she cries, in response to their lovely bird-song, ‘Come here and get in my belly – it’s warm. You can join the chicken.’ Well, that’s what I imagine her doing anyway. I can just so picture her in my mental eye, too, having a pair of badly hand made paper wings complete with construction cardbard and visible sticky tape (lets face it, it can’t be that well made by a creature without opposible thumbs) stuck on her back with a bit of twine and a cone of yellow paper on elastic around her muzzle for a pretend ‘beak’. I am going to have to draw that… but another day.

And… for a comedic break… I hope she doesn’t mind me ‘retweeting’ this on a grander scale… I’ve changed names to protect the innocent:

Me: got the blue hair dye… now just need to dye my hair ;P

Her: Ooh do it! I’ve been black since Tuesday but now I’ve to take a picture for online mates. Not so photogenic yet though!

Her: Note: That last tweet is in regards to black hair, nothing else.

It just goes to show really… context is everything!