[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch – Cat, I’m a kitty cat, and I meow meow meow and I meow meow meow.” size=”large” id=”770″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketch – Cat, I’m a kitty cat, and I meow meow meow and I meow meow meow.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Its days like these where I wonder if I should post something… because I really don’t have anything to post. Yes, there is the picture, but even that is not the greatest: its just a quick sketch and not a masterpiece by any account. But I’m throwing it up anyway. I committed to a creative product a day, so be damned if I am going to not do it just because the picture isn’t great. Gotta take the good with the bad, really, or at least the good with the ‘not so great’.

Lets call this a dry-spell, shall we? The past week or so has certainly not been the greatest example of steller sketches being thrown up. It is average at best. I suppose, though, that something is better than nothing even when assignment work is sucking the drive out of me, and apparently, the creativity. I must admit, I sometimes find it a little difficult to be ‘artistically creative’ when my mind has to get into ‘analytical writing mode’ for assignments. Its not the analytical thought, I think, that does it: I actually think it is just the focus. When my mind is so pre-occupied thinking about how I am going to write this, or position that, for a few days it just drives out everything else. I can still sketch and draw, I can set aside time to be ‘creative’, but for some reason, inspiration for my assignments seems to strike at that time and I get drawn back into thinking about that again. Its quite infuriating, really.

Ok… that was one big mass of boring. I need to go sketch something decent to throw up tomorrow. Perhaps an owl.