• Kat Johnston Sketch - I started with the eyes, then went from there... I think she's starting to take on owl-like properties.
  • The above was a quick sketch I did earlier… I think she might have something in common with the owls I have drawn before. No big story about her today, but I am going to post another little story, since my hubby was reminding me of it again last night.

    The other week, the hubby and I went out to get some lunch together. We went to this little shop called ‘Magic Chicken’ where the chickens aren’t really magic (lets face it, they got caught and are about to get eaten) but the taste of the food sure as hell is. Best hot chips on the north side and I may just venture to say in Brisbane, too.

    Anyhow, we got to the store, went inside, made our order, then the alarm for the car started spontaniously whirling and burling its siren. James tossed me his wallet and scampered off to check on it and switch the bloody thing off. I must admit I decided to be opportunistic about this wonderful situation laid before me. I took a good $80 in notes from the wallet, stuffed them into my own, and just as I sneakily made to close his wallet he comes back inside. ‘What are you doing?’ says he. ‘Cashectomy,’ says I, as I toss him his wallet and skip next door with a merry little jaunt in my step to order a double thick-shake with all the extras. Then, skipping back in to retrieve my meal, James had to pay for the original order. The moral of this story? If you are my husband, don’t leave your wallet unguarded when there is ice-cream for sale close-by. Mmm… ice-cream…