• Kat Johnston Sketch - When all else fails, find one note-pad of pink paper, one blue biro, apply flies liberally.
  • Its a Sunday afternoon and despite the fact that I was spending a nice amount of time sitting down and watching Numbers with the husband, I have cut into that to make some time to do today’s post before it gets too late. How’s that for dedication for you? I’m not even letting it go on a Sunday.

    Sorry for the random post title, but I didn’t think that ‘More freakin’ flies on a piece of pink paper’ was going to capture anyone’s attention. Next time, I might even draw some invading space monkeys from the planet Mars… I think that would be fun.

    Anyhow… this is really a nothing post today… flies were drawn because I needed to put something up, and they are easy to sketch out while watching Numbers… and suitably more significant for the fact that Numbers often talks about the non-existence of randomness, while I am ‘randomly’ putting flies down on a piece of paper. I know it isn’t random – I think of where to put each, because of how it will link up here, or generate space around there, or how putting one in this location gives more room for me to put one over there later… but it is still drawn with a desire to appear ‘random’, even though it really isn’t.

    I wonder if someone with an incredibly mathematical mind could sit down and actually plot out where I would place things dependent upon the first few lines I draw when it comes to positioning flies… I think it would be interesting to see.

    Ok… that’s enough of my randomness today… I’m off to watch another episode of Numbers! Tomorrow: Something with a touch more substance… I hope.